In considering the prior performance information contained herein, investors should bear in mind that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

No representation is made or assurance given that any statement of opinion and/or belief or any views, projections or statements relating to expectations regarding future events are correct; that is, statements, opinions, and other information referenced in the linked release are views and opinions of the companies and individuals quoted and do not represent the views and opinions of One Rock.


Our Approach

One Rock focuses on control-stake equity investments in middle-market companies in North America. We draw on the expertise of our investors and operating partners to handle complex situations like corporate carve-outs, misunderstood companies, management transitions, and under-optimized companies. We utilize the global resources of Mitsubishi Corporation, our strategic partner, to increase the value of our portfolio companies, and focus on the industries where these resources will have the most impact:

Chemicals and Process Industries

  • Specialty chemicals, packaging
  • Packaging¬†
  • Paper and forestry products

Food and Beverage Manufacturing and Distribution

  • Manufacturers of beverages and fresh, frozen, and ready-to-eat food products
  • Businesses serving convenience, grocery, club, and wholesale channels
  • Food and beverage distributors serving a variety of trade channels

Specialty Manufacturing

  • HVAC products and components
  • Consumer appliances and electronics
  • Specialty manufacturing
  • Medical or industrial laboratory supplies
  • Manufactured components for medical devices

Business and Environmental Services

  • Equipment rental
  • Other business / industrial services
  • Waste management and recycling

Our Values

We embrace complexity as an opportunity.

Complex challenges yield greater opportunities for success. Working through complexity requires a culture of discipline, teamwork, creativity, and tenacity.

We foster improvement and growth in ourselves and our portfolio companies.

We seek to evolve continuously in an ever-changing world. We approach people and businesses with curiosity and an openness to learning.

We lead with character and humility.

We invest responsibly with a focus on the long-term impact we have on our portfolio companies, our community, and the environment.